Hey Eberybully! Maggie here. Foster Dad (FD) calls me Moo as in Maggie Moo. I’m about 3 years old. Before FD picked me up, I spent a great deal of time outside and I actually thought that was where I was suppose to be. Little did I know EB’s (that’s ME!) should NOT be kept outdoors. So, when I first got here I would go out through the dog door ( yeah, we have one of those here) and would spend hours lying in the shady dirt under the banana trees next to the house. But recently I’ve figured out it waaaayy better to lie on the couch in the good ole air conditioning. Now I only use the doggie door to go potty! Weighing in at a sweeet 62 and 1/2 pounds, I’m a bigger English Bulldog (EB). But I’m definitely not overweight. I’m also a little taller than the standard EB. FD thinks I probably have some Olde English Bulldogge in me. I am spayed but because of all the time I spent outside in my previous life, I’m heartworm positive. Don’t let that deter you because with my newly adopted sedentary lifestyle, my recovery process should be no problem. I’m good with most bigger (my size and up) dogs but I get a little anxious with the smaller ones, especially those that have big personalities. So, I think I would be great if I was the only dog or if there was a bigger dog. So if you think you can’t live without me, put in an application at Maggie’s fee is $450 and includes all her shots, spaying, heartworm testing, rabies and a lifetime microchip registration. Because of Maggie’s personality she does need to go to an experienced EB owner. Maggie also will need to stay on the MS Gulf Coast to receive her heartworm treatment.

All adoptions require a home visit and vet check.
Adoption fees range from $150 – $300
This fee covers all vaccinations, spay/neuter and any other medical treatment needed.